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Ornela Ramašauskaitė (Lithuania)

This lecture explores the synergy between artificial intelligence, personal branding, and influential art marketing. Join us as we delve into the transformative role of AI in shaping modern art market dynamics and the ethical considerations that come with it. We'll unveil how artists can strategically leverage AI-driven techniques to enhance their brand presence, navigate the intricacies of the art market, and foster a robust digital identity. Discover opinions behind the ethical implications surrounding AI's integration into the art ecosystem. Whether you're an artist, collector, or industry enthusiast, the lecture will provide insights into the evolving landscape where technology, creativity, and commerce intersect. Please prepare questions for a joint discussion.


Ornela Ramasauskaite, art market expert, Founder of „artXchange Global“ International art market expert and founder of “artXchange Global”, the think tank that offers consultations on ArtTech, art investment, and cultural economy. In her professional career, she served as a public cultural advisor to the Prime Minister of Lithuania, an expert for The Council of Europe projects, an Expert for the Culture Council, and an art consultant at the auction house. Ornela has a Bachelor's in Photography and Media arts and, Master's in UNESCO Culture Management and Culture Politics, and is a PhD candidate and lecturer at Universities. She presented her findings at international conferences, notably Stanford University Conference 2018 (US) and International Congress on Arts and Culture 2019 (Spain), where I presented blockchain possibilities in the art market. Ornela is an active member of the international ArtTech community.

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M.K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art auditorium


Free event, with registration

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When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such.

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