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Zane Cerpina, Stahl Stenslie (Norway)

The "Art After AI" exhibition explores the profound challenges, effects, and transformative shifts that AI brings to the realm of art. The exhibition revolves around four primary themes: "AI Is Not Indigenous" examines the influence of AI on traditional and tribal modes of perception and artistic creation, shedding light on the ways in which AI disrupts established paradigms. "Art Beyond Mortality" explores how deceased artists can continue their creative output through the utilization of AI, thereby transcending the boundaries of life and death. "Genetic Artistry" showcases the symbiotic relationship between AI and gene editing within native populations, manifesting how AI aids in the experimentation with and evolution of visual expression. "Silent Narratives" investigates how survivors of sexual assault are depicted through the eyes of AI, offering a poignant commentary on silenced voices and representation. To further connect visitors to the current debate about the use of AI in the arts, they are invited to take a free copy from a stack of free, give-away posters on the floor. The poster has the AI Movement Manifesto on one side, and the Open Letter Against AI on the other. The selected works are also represented in the latest edition of the EE journal – Experimental and Emerging Art. A free download is available at


Zane Cerpina (LV/NO) is an Oslo based curator and writer working within experimental and digital arts. Her extensive body of work includes curating and producing several editions of Meta.Morf (Trondheim International Biennale for Art and Technology): Digital Wild (2020), Ecophilia (2022) and the upcoming Meta.Morf 2024: [up]Loaded Bodies. She is also the producer of FAEN Academy (2019-), The Dangerous Futures Conference (2018) and Art+Food+Next Generation project (2022-2023). Cerpina has initiated and been part of several archival and research projects, such as The Norwegian Media Art Library, and is one of the editors for the Book of Electronic Arts Norway. Cerpina is the author of The Anthropocene Cookbook: Recipes and Opportunities for Future Catastrophes, co-written with Stahl Stenslie (MIT Press, 2022).


Stahl Stenslie (N) in an artist, curator and researcher, specializing in experimental art, embodied experiences and disruptive technologies. Former professor in new media at The Academy of Media Arts, Cologne; The Oslo National Academy of The Arts; and Aalborg University (DK). Currently head of R&D at Arts for Young Audiences Norway (

His research and practice focus on the art of the recently possible - such as art after AI, panhaptic communication, somatic sound and holophonic soundspaces; disruptive design for emerging technologies. He has been exhibiting and lecturing at major international events (ISEA, DEAF, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH) and moderated symposiums like Ars Electronica (Next Sex), ArcArt and Oslo Lux. As a publisher he is the editor of EE – Experimental Emerging Art magazine, he has written numerous scientific articles and co-founded The Journal of Somaesthetics

His PhD on Touch and Technologies:


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Temporary M. K. Čiurlionis Art Gallery


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When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such.

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