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Short Film


Bruno Carnide (Portugal)

Short film made in 24 hours using 100% AI

Artists struggle to create as technology and AI take over, but they push back to reclaim their artistic freedom and find solace in nature.

No image was captured, drawn or modeled.

No text was written or recorded.

No music was written or performed.

The human being was only needed to give prompts and to put the pieces together.



Nominated twice for the Sophia Awards of the Portuguese Film Academy, Bruno Carnide is an independent portuguese director and founding director of Leiria Film Fest – International Short Film Festival.

Carnide directed several fiction, animation and documentary short films, which won dozens awards and have been exhibited in hundreds film festivals around the world, including Oscar Qualifying Festivals.

He is curator at Museum of the Moving Image, in Portugal, and also a lecturer in the field of cinema at Polytechnic of Leiria and Instituto Superior Miguel Torga (Portugal).

As a freelancer, Bruno Carnide has directed hundreds of corporate and commercial videos for companies such as Google, Volkswagen, Ford, MTV, Nickelodeon, RTP or Schweppes. He is occasionally a jury member at International Film Festivals.

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VMU art gallery "101"


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When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such.

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