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Photo Montage Installations


Urtė Serapinaitė (Lithuania)

This is a series of five photography works created through photomontage. The pieces were created based on the representation of natural imagery. Captured images create a 3D illusion, undergo transformation with the aid of light, and are manipulated into shadow patterns.

The goal of the artworks is to produce an unexpected image that mirrors the transformation of nature. Nature metamorphoses into robotic forms, duplicates itself, and then reverts to the same image. Due to a malignant fungal infection, spider populations vanish, and they metamorphose into frozen sculptures for eternity. The process of spider decay becomes an intriguing natural phenomenon. The transformation of life and death, as it transitions into another state, served as my inspiration for this photomontage cycle. The idea was to depict how the world becomes "robotized."

Each artwork is created by merging two distinct photographs into one. 2022-2023, Palanga and Kaunas.


I am Urtė Serapinaitė, a student of New Media Art at Vytautas Magnus University. I primarily focus on fine art photography, seeking various solutions and unexpected imagery in my creative work. I am particularly fascinated by exploring nature through the lens of photography and transforming it into something different, unseen, and incomprehensible. I have been photographing since 2017. Education-wise, I completed my professional studies at KITM in 2020, obtaining a diploma in "Multimedia Service Provider." In 2021, I enrolled in the Bachelor's program in "New Media Art" at VDU. From 2021 to 2023, I have participated in five joint exhibitions of photographers and various disciplines: "Nature" in 2021, "Symbiosis" in 2022, "Le rêve" in 2022, "Sambūris" in 2023, and "Structures" in 2023.

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National Kaunas Drama Theater exhibitions space


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When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such.

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