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Cátia Biscaia (Portugal)

In the current society in which we live, we are certainly entering an immaterial world that borders on dystopia. In this context, what is real or not or what is true or not is an almost philosophical and incorporeal concept.

In this way, we decided to place two images next to each other (diptych). A kind of past and present that meet and merge, leaving the notion of «truth» up to the viewer to choose.

One image was an analogue photograph taken by a human being, the photographer Cátia Biscaia. September 2018. New York. The camera was a 1958 Flexaret V, made in the former Czechoslovakia. Film Ilford, 400.

The other image is a composite of the original, created in Artificial Intelligence (AI), by director Bruno Carnide. Using the five analogue photographs and randomly combining them, the 5 AI photographs were generated, thus creating a set of similar photographs, mixing the reality of New York City with fiction and the non-existent imaginary of Artificial Intelligence.

If we don't tell anyone which one is real and which one is made up by AI, will anyone know which one is real? And what is the truth anyway? What is seen, or what we think we see after being processed by the brain and all our experience.

For Nietzsche, for example, truth is a point of view. He neither defines nor accepts a definition of truth, because one cannot reach certainty about the definition of the opposite of a lie. For René Descartes, certainty is the criterion of truth.

Could it be that AI came to change, even more, our own concept of truth?


Lecturer, Photographer, Film Director and Producer. Cátia Biscaia (1983, Leiria, Portugal) is graduated in Communication and post-graduated in Film. Nationally and internationally awarded professional photographer, she works as well in Communication and in Cinema (as a director, writer, producer and assistant camera). Cátia is also co-founder and director of Leiria Film Fest International Short-Film Festival; and universtity teacher.

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National Kaunas Drama Theater exhibitions space


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When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such.

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